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Bellydance F.A.Q.'s

The completeness and expertise of Najia's belldance training programs will give you an all the skills you need and more to become a professional bellydancer or look like one. The true aim of the courses is about discovering the depth of who you are as a woman, and finding true appreciation of the uniqueness of your body, a deeper connection to your soul, and a feeling a spiritual connection through dance. All are welcome to explore this mystical journey!

Najia teaches belly dancing classes all year round in month long series. Each start date of a new series is labeled NEW! and highlighted. All classes meet for four consecutive weeks. At the end of your series be sure to come to the bonus 2 hour Goddess Night.

Make sure you check the Calendar BEFORE coming to class since it is updated every month.

What should I wear to class?
Since bellydance is a form of exercise, you want to wear something you would wear to the gym. Bellydance is usually performed barefoot . You should be prepared to take class in slippers or in socks. Najia prefers that you wear something slightly form fitting so that she can see your knees and spine well in order to help you get the posture for the dance right. Most people wear some form of leggings and a sports bra or tank top. You can wear yoga pants, bike shorts, sweat pants, t-shirts, halter tops, sports bras, or a bellydance costume if you would like. Najia has special bellydance hip scarves for sale to make your practice easier as well as more fun. On the last night of the series we have our "Goddess Night" where we dress up even more sparkly or wear fun makeup such as Cleopatra eyeliner and glitter.

Am I too fat / skinny / out of shape to bellydance?
No. Bellydancers come in all shapes and sizes. If you are worried about your weight, check with your doctor and get his/her permission to start a bellydance exercise routine. Bellydance provides a great workout for everyone. You are on your way to feeling more alive, creative, confident, sensual and feminine. This is more than a great way to exercise or learn the art of bellydance. Najia's bellydance technique brings harmony and energy to your body. It sculpts the curvesin just the right places so that you will l ook and feel more like a woman no mater your weight or age . With the specific postural techniques, you also learn to carry yourself in a way that will transform all areas of your life. You just need to show up, follow the instruction and have fun in a friendly warm atmosphere!

Am I too old / young to bellydance?
Absolutely not! Najia teaches women from all different age brackets. Again, if you are concerned, ask your doctor. You must have the capacity to focus enough to work at the movements. I have students as young as 7 who were able to concentrate which is rare, Any younger than that is hard o maintain stamina and concentration in a classroom setting. My oldest student will be 87. Because of her advance years she takes private lessons rather than my workout classes which require stamina.

I have back problems and want to learn bellydance. What should I do?
Bellydance is one of the safest and most regenerative forms of exercise for the health of the spine. Students with mild to severe back problems such as, frequent back ache, scoliosis, muscle spasms, sciatica, herniated disks will often experience relief within the first lesson. Some students will recover completely from back pain within months and more severe cases find it and excellent way to manage pain without the use of harmful drugs. Read Najia's story

I am not Middle Eastern (I am African American/Italian/Swedish etc) and have no experience with bellydance or the Middle Eastern Culture, does that matter?
You do not have to be Middle Eastern to learn to bellydance. You do not have to have any experience in order to learn the dance. Najia can answer your questions about most aspects of the dance and/or culture. Just Ask!

What should I bring to class?
Water is is often a necessity for most students. If there is something special you require, please bring it in a spill-proof container. You should bring a scarf to tie around your hips. Any type of scarf will do even winter woolen ones but if you want a bellydance hip scarf with beads or coins please ask Najia to bring in your favorite color. Depending on what class you are taking, you may need finger cymbals or a veil. Najia has these items available for sale as well. Bring a small notebook to remember what you are learning!

How long before I can perform?
It all depends on what you do. Do you attend all the classes regularly? Do you practice your moves at home? Do you supplement your classes with home Video instruction? Do you listen to your music at home and in the car? Do you attend the shows where tremendous strides are made in learning by watching a dozen different dancers perform? Some students who do this are able to perform in as little as three months but if you are not dedicated it may take three years or longer. Najia provides Haflas (dance recitals) for students who want to perform.

Do I have to perform?
No. You can use this class as a way to have fun with fitness, find your inner beauty, learn more about the culture, meet new friends, discover your inner joy, relieve depression etc.

When can I move to the next level?
Once you have a pretty good understanding of the isolations (realize it will take years to perfect them) and have reached a certain level of physical stamina and flexibility then, you may move to an intermediate advanced class. It is suggested if at that transition level you either take two nights of class if eager to go to the next level so that you have fully experienced the complete basic system. Those students who have already a full knowledge of basics can take the one night of intermediate-advanced classes.


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