Mentoring by Najia

Learn how to be a living goddess from the comfort of your home.

 Would you like some personal goddess guidance ?  


What if you could have personal mentoring from the comfort of your home via phone? Najia has a way of bringing beauty and sacredness to every area of life. She will teach you how to tap into your divine feminine through a variety of ways.

~ making a plant based kitchen

~ ask the cook 

~ chakra alignment 

~ raising your vibration

~ understanding crystals

~ navigating the dance business while maintaining artistic and personal integrity

~ personal readings & many more!

15 minute $30 ~ great for asking culinary questions

50 minutes $100 full session ~great for mentoring 

Discounted plan -4 full sessions a month $320

Sign up at the very bottom and send a follow up email to schedule a date and time or enjoy my videos and goddess blog.  Be sure to hit the like button and subscribe for free

 You’ve been a light for me. Endless thanks Najia. I’m blessed to have met you. You helped me align with a frequency I was not aware existed for me.Now when I’m out and about and I start to feel anxious, I remind myself to tune into love. I remind myself that I’m sensitive and can pick up on mood around me. When I realize this I say to myself “ You are tuning into fear, the abundant vibration but you can choose differently” and the I do! I choose differently! I choose love.I also honor myself and my boundaries more now tooooo!!! It’s great! 

~ M. M. from Queens NYC