Sacred Photo Journey for Mermaids & Sea Goddesses

in Cape May, NJ

Experience the healing power of a one of a kind personalized photo journey

& retreat weekend !

 Our Retreats will return in 2021

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Najia is THE ideal guide to help maximize the rejuvenating effects of your Cape May Retreat. With her help, you minimize the stressful, disoriented feelings of 'needing a vacation from your vacation


.........Najia worked with me personally to release my self-doubt on the ocean breeze (on my personal photo shoot), feed my soul with healthful, homemade vegan dishes, indulge my inner child with Cape May Shore foodie favorites, and nurture my authentic self with local Cape May art, sacred dance, and her lifestyle mentorship sessions all while expertly guiding me around the lovely little seaside town.


~ Lola (the Coy Bond) from Maryland .

What is a sacred photo journey?

A sacred photo ritual journey is a way of combining the power of myth, female archetypes, holistic lifestyle, mentoring, spiritual cleansing practices in nature in preparation for a healing photo shoot. The synergy of all these elements together in a "Goddess Guidance " weekend allow the photos to be so much more than the product of a mere photo shoot. It is a magic empowering experience for the women who come. They were surprised how much they transformed through the experience. Many use the photos as powerful tools to affirm the direction in their lives they want to go, heal past trauma, or connect with Divine feminine energy. It is a very emotional experience in a safe supportive environment. 

What do I wear?

Najia has worked in the NYC and Philly fashion photo industry for decades as a fashion stylist. She has a prop closet full of mermaid costumes, hundreds of accessories to choose from and flowing white goddess attire as see in her retreat memories Najia will arrange for a pre-shoot virtual or phone meeting to discuss some option for both of you to bring. 

You will have an opportunity to get acquainted over a delicious mezza around 7pm Friday night at the Chalfonte Hotel. In this meeting you will discuss the transformation your soul needs through this photo journey. The night before the shoot, usually Saturday night, all styling and make-up direction will be packed up and ready for the photo session


I take the worst photos and never feel pretty. Can I really look beautiful? 

 Najia is an expert at getting her clients to relax .She has special breathing and movement techniques. She is very patient and wants you to have the best experience and feel beautiful. She has a special chakra technique lesson that you can register for ahead of time that has helped so many light up. It's a healing technique that not only benefits the photo but the rest of your life. There is also a mini lesson on breath, centering, chakra alignment and posture included. 

When is the photo session? What if the weather is bad?

It is is usually at sunrise on Sunday. Special arrangements can be made for a sunset shoot but cost a little extra. Monday morning is a back up day .Najia has taken photos in stormy, rainy, windy weather. The  most stunning dramatic photos came from those days. It is surprising that the only problem was her props were swept into the sea. This is why she prefers the waterproof IOS devices compared to DSLR cameras

How many people will be there ?

These are semi-private services.I only take on a maximum of 4 people per weekend. You might be the only one and have me all to yourself. 

All Mermaid Weekends include Najia's own brand of hospitality for a carefree experience.......


Najia's realm of magic happens at the Chalfonte. This Cape May gem is just 3 blocks from the beach and right in the center of town amid the splendor of old world Victorian charm.

 ~ Welcome Mezza with hand crafted plant based cheeses and tapenade, flatbread & seasonal veggies or fruit on Friday evening 

 ~ special Welcome Basket full of beach treats and sparking waters 

 ~ hand crafted Mermaid Miracle serum and plant -based holistic products

 ~ A personalized "goddess lifestyle" shopping tour of downtown or West Cape May

There is also plenty of time to enjoy some quiet retreat time on your own to journal or revisit some of your favorite shops and tourist attractions.

Call Najia 484-632-0724 for more info or book the room of your choice at your own cost.

2020 Special Pricing for Mermaid Mentoring & Photos

$900 early, early bird by Sept 1st 2019

$100 early bird by Nov1st 

$1100 by March 21st

$1200 standard service prices


*  Please note that when I offer these services in the corporate world I am paid between $1000- $2000 per day for my photo-styling and creative direction services. I offer the mermaid photo services at a reduced rate out of love.

Cost includes :

* 30 minute initial consultation via phone

* 60 minute in person feminine archetype consultation Friday evening at Chalfonte (includes appetizers and elixirs)

* 30 minute follow up consultation on Saturday to find your "sacred symbol" for your photo journey

* 30 minute coaching session on breath, movement and posture 

* 60 minute virtual, phone and/or combo in person pre-shoot meeting to for wardrobe styling

* 60 minute SUNRISE on Sunday photo session using IOS device 

* Use of special mermaid tails, sea goddess or blue genie costumes and props available at no extra cost (Najia normally charges for this) 

* Photo-styling based on 30 plus years of Najia's experience as a fashion-stylist in NYC/Phila

* 3 artist's choice digital enhanced photos for personal use only. .

Add-on options:

Sunset instead of sunrise sessions are $200 extra 

DSLR camera instead of IOS camera, $400

Artistic photo -illustrations are extra .

Additional photos at a special rate of $100 per photo

Special retouching is offered at $100 per hour

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Print and hand-sign the registration form and bring to the retreat. You will also be filling out a photo-release form


Strict no refund policy. Possible date change may be available if you change far enough in advance. Najia will do her best to accommodate you and may give you partial credit toward a future event if a date change is not possible .