Goddess Night

Enter a magical atmosphere. Heal and reset and tune into your goddess nature. Play, explore, dance, partake in a feast! No dance experience necessary. Members may attend for FREE but we welcome new people at a discounted donation.

     Every Goddess Night includes:

     * goddess dance workshop

     * vegan potluck

     * mini shopping bazaar


   Special treats:

   * bellydance show 4 times a year 

   * Solstice and Equinox projects

   * Fashionista afterparty 

V.I.P. Goddess Nights-

Najia sometimes hosts musicians to provide live music for our event.

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What to do we do on Goddess Night?

There are many facets of dance in Najia's programs to nurture the soul as well as train the body.  In our Sacred Red Tent, you will learn to dance from the core of your being by taking a journey inward as you explore mystical movements, mandalas, sacred geometry, Chakra Dance, Egyptian Zar ritual, the mysteries of Isis & Pharonic interpretive dance. Delve into the deeper meanings of the seven veils, illuminated candle dancing, the sounds of cymbals and drumming all to enhance your perception, creativity and well-being. 

Where? When ? What do I bring? How do I dress?


Red Tent Goddess Nights may travel betweent 3 different locations. Locations include: Media, Drexel Hill and Broomall, PA. Register at least 1 week in advance, preferably 1 month in advance. Be flexible as the location is not known until days before the event.Contact Najia for details or availability.


Usually 3rd Fridays (see calendar)

7pm Doors open for social time, vegan potluck, preview Fashionista and self guided oracle cards. Must arrive no later than 8pm

8:15 Presentation or Bellydance show

8:30-9:30 Dance Workshop

9:30  Closing Meditation & goodbyes


9:30 -10-ish  Fashionista. Pick out cool free stuff. Ask Najia for details if you would like to participate

Bring a vegan potluck

Everybody must bring a table ready vegan potluckCheck out my blog for recipe ideas .

Vegan can be is easy. Bring flavored hummus, selter water or oranges in a bowl and pack them in your car ahead of time. 


Comfort is Queen. Sparkles, baubles and creative make-up are encouraged but not required. Wear socks as studio is free from street shoes.

Red Tent Group Parties

Groups may request a private event on the day of your choosing .Najia can bring the tent to your location 

Goddess Night is usually a ladies only event .Please email Najia to see if the particular event that month is child or husband friendly.

Early Bird (pay at least 1 month in advance) $40 + $3 registration.fee

Standard Price $50+ $3 fee

At Door if available $60

HALF PRICE  6-consecutive months -register for 3 months in a row $150+ $10 fee