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Introducing Najia

What is your dream? What if you could have a master level bellydance teacher and goddess mentor who is also a gifted artist and alchemist? .....Najia is the most unique and inspiring teacher. Najia has refined her teaching method to the essence of this dance. She has personally taught over 10,000 aspiring goddesses for almost 30 years, produced over a hundred shows with world famous dancers, hosted Certification programs, Red Tents and holistic retreats for women. She is a passionate woman who always growing. Currently she is making women's fantasies come true through her Mentoring Retreats and Sacred Photo Journeys .

You can join her in her home base of Philadelphia PA, take a class online, or be a retreat in Cape May NJ. 

Text or call 484-632-0724

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Media, Drexel Hill, Havertown, Phila PA & Cape May NJ


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