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Learn to Bellydance 

Interactive Lessons via Zoom
In Person Workshops & Goddess Nights 
Private Lessons & Certification


Call /Text 🌺 Email 


"Wow…. Just wow.

I am so glad I took this leap of faith. ….. It was a spiritual experience and my mind opened up to a totally different level.Your light and energy was exactly what I needed. Thank you🙏🏻 Today I feel such renewed faith and growth. I think we just got so deep into body parts.I let go of things that were deeply hidden.🤸🏼‍♀️👯‍♀️You rejuvenated me.I can’t express the true experience I had. It was exactly what I needed and more challenging than I expected. I am so happy I did this. You are very VERY TALENTED.

~ Thalia from Toronto, Canada after her first bellydancing lesson on Zoom 

Bellydance Semi -Private Lessons onZoom 

Enjoy a small interactive bellydancing class with lots of help from the teacher. Najia is a master level bellydance instructor with a gift for breaking down the essence of this dance for beginners and instilling a deeper layer for professional students In 2015 she was awarded best dance teacher in Media, as well as Best of the Mainline in previous years. She brings a very natural approach and spiritual perspective to her teaching. Najia 's unusual teaching style will help you quantum leap past the awkward phase and be guided to a place of flow, grace and passion. She will save you a lot of frustration, time.and money. She is fully connected to her students while teaching and offers constant feedback with detailed understandable ways to help you blossom and flourish as a woman. All ages, shapes, sizes are welcome!

Classes are held year round. There are specific series start dates when you can join on my calendar. or email Najia

Trial Prices $

Basic Technique Classes (1hr.4 wks Wed 7-8 pm est.) $110 + $10 registration fee

Intermediate Choreography (1hr.4 wks Wed 8-9 pm est.) $120 + $10 registration fee

Intermediate Technique & Drills  (1hr.4 wks Thurs. 7-8 pm est.) $120 + $10 registration fee

Advanced Choreography  (1hr.4 wks Thurs. 8-9 pm est.) $130 + $10 registration fee

*There are no single night drop- ins for serious training in the art of bellydance. 

*Registration is 2 weeks b4 class to avoid late fees 

Full Course Prices $ no additional fees 

Basic Technique (1hr.12 wks Wed 7-8 pm est.) $330 

Intermediate Choreography (1hr.12 wks Wed 8-9pm est. )$360

Intermediate Technique & Drills  (1hr.12 wks. Thurs. 7-8 pm est) $360 

Advanced Choreography  (1hr.12 wks. Thurs. 8-9 pm est.) $390 

 *Send a check at least a month ahead of time to avoid online fees  

Discounted Membership Prices $ no additional fees 

Classes 2 hours per week, any night, any time, 4 weeks + Bonus Night Class $210

Membership discounted prices and bonus classes are for those who have completed 

the initial12 week registration.

Goddess Circle Membership 

Send a check in 2.5 months ahead of time to avoid online fees 

In -Person Goddess Night

Goddess Night 

2nd Friday of the month

Door opens @ 7pm for Appetizers, Soiree & Lecture.

7:30 -9 Intensive Semi Private Lesson 

After 9 -Take home goodie bags! Bring all that good energy back home.

If you are a student of Najia's you will automatically be on a VIP list to be invited to a special in person workshops and be pampered like a goddess. Space is limited to 6 in person participants. These special workshops are geared to the students needs and have a "You Asked for It " theme .You are encouraged to bring a mask to protect yourself. Anyone who cannot make in person due to unexpected circumstances, may attend a complementary Zoom class on a Wednesday or Thursday evening and pick up their goodie bag within a couple days of the event.

Guests $75 if paying 2 weeks in advance $85 after deadline plus $5 online reg. fee

Goddess Members $40 if paid 4 weeks in advance

Zoom students if paid 4 weeks in advance $55 

1001 Dreams & The Dancing Oracle "Bellydance Troupes

Najia has made the dreams of many aspiring dancers come true. If you are interested in being part of Najia's award winning dance troupe "1001 Dreams" or her new mystical Dancing Oracle Troupe, you must be a committed Inner Circle Member before joining her dance troupe. Feel free to contact her if you are interested 

Private Lessons & Certification

Most Weekdays and Weekends 

If you cannot attend class or would like to become certified check out my private lesson discounted programs 

Register :Email Najia or call/text 484-632-0724

Print out and hand-sign the registration form and email to Najia before your first lesson

No refunds or credits unless Najia cancels class. Credits for missed classes are for paid Goddess Circle Members only 

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