Learn to Bellydance Online 

Live interactive classes & a virtual bellydance realm. 

 What if you could have a master level teacher right in your home with the ease of a free computer app?  Najia's teaching method is so drastically different from other methods that it could save you from years of dance struggle and financial burdens. There is no one like Najia. She is fully connected to her students while teaching and offers constant feedback with detailed understandable ways to help you blossom and flourish as a dancer!

All you need is a computer, tablet or a smartphone to start now !

Najia's holistic approach transforms your life! Enjoy a live classroom where ever you roam 

"It is a pleasure and a privilege learning from you. Your direct feedback during the class is most appreciated and is not something I am able to get from other online classes. Additionally your energy is peaceful, calming and exquisitely beautiful and I do feel like I am tapping into my feminine goddess self when working with you. Let me say your class is the highlight of my day - thank you for letting me be part of this! "

~ Rachel S. from Exton PA

Virtual Bellydance Realm

On- Demand subscription

An extensive library of Najia's bellydance training. Exciting new content added each month!

~   $100 (plus $5 online reg.fee) per month with a minimum 3 month subscription and auto pay

~   $ 60  (plus $5 online reg.fee) per month for 1001Dreams Dance Troupe or Private lesson Members

~   $180 (plus $10 online reg.fee) for a 1 month trial subscription of over 30 hours of content

Practice along with Najia at your own pace and time .These are specially designed lesson plans, as well as a peek at some of her live online instruction answering student's questions. You can watch each class over and over until you perfect your technique.

Email Najia to register

Bellydance Basics via Zoom 

Tuesday 8:05 -9pm  Beginner and Beyond Essential Moves & Combos

There is an 8 person minimum requirement to hold class.

$70 Special intro price  (plus $10 online reg.fee) 4 hours 4 week series 

Email Najia to register

Registration required 2 weeks b4 start date or pay $15 late fee see start dates

You do not have to be an aspiring professional to experience the art, culture and pure luscious feminine qualities inherent in Najia's teaching style. All you have to do is be ready and willing to be a living goddess! Women of all ages, sizes and desires will receive more than they ever dreamed of by taking a comprehensive course. Enjoy a divine warm-up, energizing bellydance drills followed by an in -depth classic study of choreography, improvisation, movements in their cultural context through the ages. Enjoy a class with lots of interaction between students and teacher, critiques and detailed answers to questions.

Private Bellydance Lessons via Zoom

$100 per hour (plus $10 online reg.fee)

"1001 Dreams "Bellydance Troupe

Wednesday 7-9 pm EST 

Thursdays 7-9 pm EST 

Najia has made the dreams of many aspiring dancers come true. If you are interested in being part of Najia's award winning dance troupe, you will have to study with her privately to be admitted into the group when she feels you are ready.