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About Najia

Lola, a former student of Najia's, recently wrote about her amazing dance, photo and spiritual journey in her blog on Facebook called The Coy Bond

"If you haven't heard of Najia Arts, she is a world-class spiritual belly dancer, photographer, and Vegan culinary artist based out of Philadelphia. I danced under her tutelage 6 years ago-- but she is a singularly unforgettable human being. So, when Najia invited me to a Weekend Retreat in Cape May to 'Manifest my Inner Mermaid', I immediately said, "Yes!

The truth is, you cannot put a price on Najia's insight and expertise. She has led a colorful life driven by artistic conviction, and she carries herself with a hard-earned balance of approachability and grace.

It's not necessary to have ANY prior belly dance experience to reap the benefits-- while Najia draws from decades of professional repertoire, her every movement is infused with a raw energy that everyone present can FEEL, but no other choreographer can duplicate, much less teach. Najia shares a little bit of her Light with all her students, leading by passionate example and encouragement for every body at every skill level. She teaches techniques that speak to the soul, root us in our shared femininity, AND, open the heart to possibilities of the wide world BEYOND bellydancing.


. ~ Lola,  formerly studied with Najia in Media, PA now resides in   Maryland.....more insights 

About Najia Belly dancing teacher
Press & Newspapers
Best Dance School Award
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer

  • The Philadelphia Bulletin

  • News of Delaware County

  • Philadelphia Weekly (Full Page Spread)

  • City Line News


  • Philly Daily News

  • PTOT Speech Today-~photo cover story for a national physical therapy magazine about how bellydance helps heal Najia's spinal injuries.

  • Mainline Today. ~Best bellydance studio in the Mainline PA

Television Shows

When this public television station launched their new programming,they approached Najia because of her expertise in the field of Middle Eastern dance to educate their viewing aydience.You can still watch these episodes which feature Najia and her students, and dance troupe members Ewelina, Scheherezade (Vasha Hatal), Jenaya, Danielle Flowers, Tatiana (Kahina Asurah) and Bill Koutsouros of Animus Music. Her eight episodes include:
 • The History of Bellydance
 • Bellydancing & Pregnancy
 • Basic Bellydance Lesson
 • Belly with Finger Cymbals
 • Bellydancing Drum Solo
 • Bellydancing for Back Health
 • Performance by Najia Balancing Tray of Candles
 • Belly Dance Hafla Performance by Najia & Student Troupe

Najia performs at St.Maron's Lebanese festival with noteworthy musicians Joseph Tayoun,, Bill K.,and Hafez ELaLiKotain.(photo at left)

ABC News Health Report with Anita Brickman
Najia demonstrates the health benefits of Bellydance to the live music of Animus.

ABC Action News 
Najia was chosen to dance for the intro to Action News theme song for 3 years running.

CNN Headline News
Najia did 2 shows bellydance shows for CNN, one which featured all ages including children.

CN8 show "Seeking Solutions with Suzanne"
Najia and senior citizen students demonstrate to viewers about bellydancing's positive effects on the health of spine, and the heart Also interesting is a student featured a "Green"bellydance costume made from all recycled materials.

CN8 Morning Show
Najia, students and a talented drummer from Morrocco spend the morning showing viewers how to bellydance.

HGTV & Fine Living Network "Reality Shows"
These networks feature Najia on a reality show teaching private lessons and her student. "Well Worth It" & "Splurge"

Delaware Tonight
Najia was selected as a featured performer with male Bellydancer Omar at Delaware's Casablanca restaurant.

Delaware Today
Schehrezade asked Najia to join her on the show as an expert in the field of Egyptian dance.

69 Leigh Valley News
Most unusual show is Ch.69 Allentown News teaching St. Joes University Students, 200 students at orientation



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