Private Bellydance Lessons

What is your dream?  Do you want to be a world famous bellydander like Najia's student Sharazade or simply express the essence of your deep feminine beauty like France P. ? No matter what your goal is you will learn to move through life with ease, find your rhythm, feel like the goddess you truly are .  She now resides in Egypt Najia is a an extremely detailed and patient teacher that can help you discover the deep feminine no matter how much of a complete beginner you are.  There is nothing you need to know or do, but you must have a passion and respect for the art.

Dance for your own self enrichment

Feeling grateful today for my bellydance teacher Najia Arts. Thank you for planting the concept of beauty in me, five and a half years ago. For embodying beauty, and reminding your students of its power, every single class. Beauty in our movement, beauty in our words. Sometimes, in my dance, I get a very acute sense of that beauty. I feel beautiful, and it brings a smile to my face. It may only last for a few seconds. But it's enough time to feel its power. To feel a sense of confidence that I, too, can embody beauty. That I, too, can choose to spread it. With the simple power of that same smile. ~ France P. Havertown PA -

Dance for the entire world !

" Najia has been one of my biggest inspirations in dance ever since I started taking classes from her at age 14. Not only is she a beautiful dancer, she is one of the kindest people I have ever known. Her nurturing spirit, talent for dance, and never ending support has helped me to become the professional dancer I always dreamed of being. Her willingness to share her knowledge and to fully encourage and support her students makes her one of the best teachers you could ever hope for. "~ Sharazade ~ world famous dancer now residing in Egypt

Najia provides an inspiring atmosphere fit for a goddess!

Welcome to the Sanctuary

Price plans 

Try a lesson  in studio $120 per hour or online $90 per hour 

Try a lesson with a friend ! Each additional person in lesson in person or online is only $30 per hour 


Bellydance 2 hr. Weekly Immersion (in Studio with Najia )$80 per hour

total package  $640~a 2 hr lesson meeting 4 times .Must finish entire course the calendar month .If you finish course without any schedule changes you receive your choice of a FREE BONUS 2.5 hour Red Tent Goddess Night, or 2 hour Classic Bellydance Workshop  

Bellydance Bi-monthly Immersion (in Studio with Najia) $90 per hour

total package  $720~a 2 hr lesson meeting 4 times .Must finish entire course within 2 months

Bellydance 1 hr. Weekly Immersion (in Studio with Najia )$100 per hour

total package  $800 for a 1hr lesson meeting 8 times .Must finish entire course within 8 weeks.

Bellydance Immersion (Online with Najia) $80 per hour ~total package  $240 ~a 1.5 hr lesson meeting 2 times .Must finish entire course the calendar m

Private Membership $240 per month includes a 2 hour private, & FREE 2.5 hour Red Tent Goddess Night, and 2 hour Classic Bellydance Workshop  

Private Online Membership $240 per month includes a 3 hours of private lessons each month 90 minutes each. plus 20 minute follow up Q & A via phone or email

 *  Private Lesson Membership  requires a minimum 3 month sign -up plus one time membership fee . It includes may other discounts. 



CANCELLATION POLICY-  Please note there are no refunds or credits for missed lessons . If you need to re-schedule Najia needs at least 48 hours notice 24 hours you may lose half, same day cancellation you may lose entire lesson too .Text 484-632-0724 anytime .If Najia has to cancel in less than 48 hours you will get free bonus lesson

Intro Special 
Ask Najia about a heavily discounted special she may have this month. You may only take a special for 1 month then regular package deals apply 

Najia teaches Jenny her most requested show for weddings " Tray of Candles " balancing dance 

Media, Drexel Hill, Havertown, Phila PA & Cape May NJ 

(484) 632 * 0724/ mobile

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