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Chakra Alchemy Private Sessions

Working with energy patterns is the true essence of dance !


If you are called to fully inhabit your body, you may want to consider an in-depth Chakra Alchemy session with Najia. She is gifted with seeing energy patterns and auras in peoples bodies since childhood. The soul finds it's to communicate through the body in non- verbal language. When you learn to tune into this method you can transform your life !

Honor that which is ancient, sacred and wild within you

Honor all that is ancient, sacred and wild within you

" My lessons with Najia are absolutely magical. She has a gift for sensing energy, and in our very first session she helped to identify and untangle feelings I’d been struggling with just from reading my body. She was able to “see” what I needed, and showed me ways of moving and being in my physical form that have been utterly transformative. Najia teaches you to feel and work with chakra energy, and while I was familiar with the concept from years of yoga practice, I’ve never experienced it like this before. I’ve literally felt my heart open and let in joy that I didn’t know I was missing."  

Leslie from Ardmore PA  

Full Chakra AlchemySession

 Price $400

3 hour in person or Zoom session

2 (10 minute  phone or email ) follow -up consultations

Custom audio recording designed specifically for your at home practice

Sacred Tool Kit "


 What to Expect 


 Your healing experience begins with a warm hug,  a welcoming selection of plant based appetizers and tea followed by an in depth  talk about what you wish to get out of this session. You will be introduced to your take home "Sacred Tool Kit "to help clear negativity and stress. Soon after we will spend most of the day working with powerful chakra based healing movements. As you do the basic dance based moves, Najia will read  your energy systems to assist you in clearing your own blockages immediately. As you clear your blockages you will be introduced to two life giving currents to work with so you access and utilize deep feminine power.


Where ever you experience trauma or difficulties is a doorway for your soul to find expression and communicate buried feelings that need a voice. Najia has been sharing these techniques with a select group of her bellydance students and it has transformed their lives. She is now sharing this precious gift with those who really are called to it. Najia's patient ,gentle kind way will guide you through this process of reclaiming your wild feminine power.of this If for any reason you are shy about the dance, only breathing and shifting weight is required in order to have your energy reading and have me show you how to connect and clear. 


CANCELLATION POLICY-  Please note there are no refunds or credits for missed lessons . If you need to re-schedule Najia needs at least 48 hours notice 24 hours you may lose half, same day cancellation you may lose entire lesson too .Text 484-632-0724 anytime .If Najia has to cancel in less than 48 hours you will get free bonus lesson

Are you ready to transform? Dive deep into your wild sacred feminine now 

A $100 non-refundable deposit is needed to schedule . The balance can be paid  in installments or before starting or in person.

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