Goddess Circle Membership

If you are already studying with Najia on Zoom, you will have the chance to become part of an amazing sisterhood of women for free !


Join our Goddess Circle Membership "at no additional cost and Save !

Goddess Circle Members get one free makeup for missed classes per month!

Members can attend an alternate night of the course or if going on vacation you can make up classes over  the course of a couple months


Goddess Circle Members save $10. Members pay no registration fee and only the $10 online fee 

Goddess Circle Membership has free bonus workshops on Zoom together you in touch with your inner goddess

Members can attend our Zoom soirees and lessons for free that cost between $25--60 to the public 

~  Stage make-up lessons

~  Oracle & Tarot Nights

~  Personal Numerology 

~  Henna Parties 

~  Red Tent Gathering

~  Non-stop dance parties


Goddess Circle Membership provides a sisterhood through free in person gatherings throughout the year 

~  Wild Medicinal Nature Walks 

~  Woodland Hike & Picnic

~  Annual Appetizer Party & Tour at the Healing Oasis

~  Goddess Night Vegan Potlucks 

Inner Circle Members get heavily discounted private lessons $30 off per hour  and discounts on the Virtual Realm

Goddess Circle Membership is for students who pay their current course fee as well as an additional 2 months ahead of time like a gym membership. 3 months total initially to stay ahead each month and receive FREE benefits. .

Deluxe Goddess Circle Membership - is a great option for those who truly want to immerse themselves in Najia's secrets to being a great dancer. Sign up for both nights of the Group & Master Courses and you will have FREE access to Najia's Virtual Bellydance Realm ! Deluxe Members receive additional free one to one private events with Najia every 3 months.