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Sacred Symbols, Create Your Own Oracle Deck

in Cape May, NJ

Experience the insight of creating and working with tarot, oracles & more through craft, photo and journaling. 


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 "This is the second retreat of Najia's I have been on, and both retreats have impacted and transformed my life in major ways that it is hard to comprehend how fast things can shift when you have an alchemist like Najia caring for you. The first was  with a group that I treasure to this day. This time I felt the need to pamper myself with a private mentoring retreat. This special time with Najia working with archetypes and symbols allowed me to find my power as I transitioned into another phase of my life. She gently guided me out of my comfort zone to embrace and empower the newer me, a strong woman who needed to be heard. Even though I live hundreds of miles away from Najia, we are soul sisters and I have her guidance with me.

~ Gayle Galbraith from Maryland .

What is this all about?

Your weekend journey explores the essence of sacred symbols from tarot, sacred geometry, oracles, and sigils through tangible artistic practices as well as reading and journaling. One of our projects is to make a sacred object to use in our photos throughout the weekend. Najia is a commercial photo-stylist for many decades . She will help you style and work with existing lighting to create a stunning visual image that will be infused with transformational power. The goal is to come out of the weekend with your own personal mini Oracle deck images and meanings to use as a connection to Spirit.


The synergy of all these elements together in a "Goddess Guidance " weekend allow the photos to be so much more than the product of a mere photo shoot. It is a magic empowering experience for the women who come. 

What happens when I first get there ? What is the basic schedule of events?
Fri. 7pm    ~ Meet at our Chalfont hotel or a delicious plant based mezza lovingly prepared by Najia

                           ~ Discussion of the transformation your soul needs through this photo journey.

                  Special shopping tour in downtown bohemian places, gourmet food, crystals and seaside props for our photos 

Sat.10am  ~ Relax on the beach, learn about sacred symbols, journaling & sketching out ideas. Visit West Cape May 

Sun. 7am  ~ Set up the still life photos and work with sacred geometry early morning at the beach before the crowd descends. 

Mon.11am~ Checkout. Review of the oracle images over morning coffee on the Victorian porch. Free time on your own .

What do I need to bring for my project?

All you need to take photos is your phone or any digital point and shoot  and some creative props below:

~ broken jewelry or jewelry you no longer use

~ glitter, beads, baubles

~ rhinestones, rhinestones and more rhinestones!

~ a special crystal that has meaning to you 

~ old buttons, seashells

~ unusual coins or things that represent money such as sand dollars

any symbolic object that has meaning for you like a treasure (jewelry) box, mirror, etc 

What if it rains a lot ?

No worriesThe fabulous porches at the Chalfonte are a wonderful way to spend the day getting private tarot and oracles reading by Najia.It is also a delightful atmosphere for group lessons about oracles and how to create them.

How many people will be there ?
These are semi-private services with a maximum of 5 people per weekend.If you have a larger group we can book a separate weekend for your group of friends and many activities can be customized according to your groups needs..

All Mermaid Weekends include Najia's own brand of hospitality for a carefree experience.......


Najia's realm of magic happens at the Chalfonte. This Cape May gem is just 3 blocks from the beach and right in the center of town amid the splendor of old world Victorian charm.

 ~ Welcome Mezza with hand crafted plant based cheeses and tapenade, flatbread & seasonal veggies or fruit on Friday evening 

 ~ special Welcome Basket full of beach treats and sparking waters 

 ~ hand crafted Mermaid Miracle serum and plant -based holistic products

 ~ A personalized "goddess lifestyle" shopping tour of downtown or West Cape May

There is also plenty of time to enjoy some quiet retreat time on your own to journal or revisit some of your favorite shops and tourist attractions.

 Call Najia for more info or book the room of your choice at your own cost.

2022 Pricing 

$500 early bird 

$800 paying late 

Cost includes :

*all lessons, coaching, styling and photo help, some supplies, gift basket, welcome mezza, beach treats and tours


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Print and hand-sign the registration form and bring to the retreat. 


Strict no refund policy. Possible date change may be available if you change far enough in advance. Najia will do her best to accommodate you and may give you partial credit toward a future event if a date change is not possible .

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