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Honoring the Sacred Within Part 2 - Finding Your Vibration

Take the time to find your current vibration. What we vibrates leads to what we attract in our lives.

Are you living the life of your dreams, just getting by or running damage control? Have you birthed your desires in one area of your life but seem to run into roadblocks over and over for your deepest desires? Do your start out moving in the direction of your passions, joyously on your new path when suddenly life takes your off your path just as you were starting to gain momentum? The clue to what is sabotaging your dreams may be hiding in plain sight within you. It is just that you are too close to it to see it and the power it orchestrates.

Setting intentions involves more than your wants and desires. It’s an introspective process. To truly have an intentional life you must first examine what you are currently attracting in your life and why. What underlying emotions quietly or loudly churning away? Knowing the answer will give you a clue to your current vibration. After all, “vibration equal attraction." You may be doing all the right actions to the best of your abilities but if your vibration works against you, that powerful part of you that is connected to the universe will bring what it is programmed to bring. You have to change the programming internally but first you have to identify it.

How to identify your current vibration

Your outer physical life is your mirror for your inner emotional vibration. Look at the current and re-occurring themes in your life over the last year. There is tremendous power for discovery and transformation in the written word. Write them down in a journal. Do not type them. Handwriting, especially cursive allows access to different parts of the brain and higher guidance. Arrange them on list on the left side of your journal leaving the right page blank. This process will bring to light the hidden vibration that is keeping parts of your life in darkness.

The list

~ increased pain

~ limping on left (female ,intuitive) leg, dragging right leg out to side (male, rational, action oriented)

~ difficulty moving forward, physically and in life

~ soldiering on like I am in a war

~ increased burdens, financial, family, excess weight gain

~ taking on too much to please others when I need help

~ clearing career debts, but still struggling

~ no time to have fun and see my friends

~ no time to heal in nature

~ working hard to move forward but results are barely visible

~ less energy to give to others but a strong desire to share what I have

~ just when I am almost ready to fly a bit tragedy strikes

Now that you have a list of your outer life, examine what words come to mind about the underlying feeling behind all the problems. Try to narrow it down to one word, phrase or sentence and write it toward the right side of your page.

Current vibration

The underlying feeling of the above list is" struggle"

Your new vibration

What vibration could turn it around ? I came up with "flow of ease"

Imagine a life without your current vibration that is holding your back. What is the opposite of that ? What vibration would you like to invite into your life to replace this one? Imagine your life with that new vibration. This is a very personal process that may take repeated journaling to get to the true essence of what your are giving off. If you are having trouble you may want to start with part 1 of this series to ground you and help you with your intentions.

The key to lasting transformation lies within us. We create our reality with every thought. We are so much more than we realize. Behind our human shell is part divine and we share in creation. To transform from human " struggle" to "flow of ease" requires unseen help from the universe which we have access through our divine nature. Be open and willing to be guided by unseen partners and loving beings. Find the gifts in your current vibration and what it has taught you as well as the payoffs that hold you back. I will be sharing the keys with you in my next newsletter and blog

How to release your current vibration and take on the new one..part 3 ..Subscribe to my blog or newsletter

"I am willing to be open to be guided by unseen partners and loving beings."

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