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Magical Ways to Gather Safely. Part 1

When you got lemons, make lemonade. We are all feeling the bitterness of the last 19 months, the cure is to bring a little sweetness to the bitterness. Create something even better, something memorable and magical. Once it started to get cold out, the isolation of 2020 became unbearable. In 2021 I vowed to create a safe place to gather that was open air but provided shelter in case in rained .What I came up with was even more magical when it rains.

My garage was full of things that were not useful to me anymore. I did a big purge on Facebook Marketplace to sell my things as well as donating to Green Drop. I raised enough money to invest in what I needed to transform my scary looking garage into a playful paradise for my guests. I mixed together all my old paint into a pleasing haint blue to paint my old furniture, including an old china cabinet that came with the house. I never was able to get rid of that old cabinet, but now it came alive as a background for my cozy events.

One of the best additions to create ambiance are fairy lights of all kinds. I opted for solar charged lights and lids that can be screwed onto your mason jars . I also have battery operated party lights draped around old chandeliers, battery operated candles and regular candles on the dining table. If you need additional brighter lighting , you can add an extension cord and plug in a lamp . Be sure to bring in the outdoors with lots of fresh or dried flowers.

One of the best things you can do to help your immune system is to eat healthier and lose any excess weight . I am the queen of plant based potlucks. My plant based gatherings provide a way for people to share recipes and get creative making a dish to bring to the table. Everyone really enjoys participating and having a role in the magical event and it takes the financial ,physical and mental stress of having to prepare food for all the guests with various allergies and preferences. Everyone brings a dish they are happy with, so you know they are taken care of.

I truly hope I have inspired you to create your own "She Sanctuary"

Enjoy more inspiration on my TikTok video or visit my YouTube for some #veganlifestyle tips,and #veganrecipes Please hit the like button and subscribe for free.


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