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Honoring the Sacred Within Part 1-Breath & Intention

Taking a momemnt to honor the divine feminine in Cairo, Egypt with Jehan Kamal

Taking a moment to honor the sacred feminine near by the pyramids in Egypt with Jehan Kamal

We all have dreams in our minds and hearts of how we want life to be. Most of us focus more on how it is not working for us and we are far from our life's mission. In order to embark on our soul's journey we have to take the first steps of grounding, breathing and clearing before we set our intentions. Once we have finish our groundwork we can set the foundation to live the life of our inner dreams.

Do you take time to each day to just breathe and feel your feminine power? It is the simplest yet hardest thing for women to do in a busy world of nurturing others and multitasking traditional male roles. Learning to slow down is one of the most valuable lessons in life, yet it is even more elusive these days. Reclaiming your own energy and clearing yourself of unwanted energies need to be done on a regular basis.

Breathing with intention is the first step to bring yourself to a still point where you can feel your female power. Experiencing breath, prana, life force from the ethers merged with solid grounding techniques will take away the blockages in your energy field. If you are feeling stuck creatively, depressed, weary then try some of these simple exercises each day.


1. Sit on the ground crosslegged leaning slightly forward so your pelvic floor is level with the surface beneath you. Sense or imagine the earth's magnetism coming into your being as you breathe in a long, full deep breath. As you exhale feel the release of the stresses you have taken in. Repeat several times as needed.

2. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bend forward with your hands touching the ground. Again imagine the nurturing magnetic power of the earth as you inhale through your lungs and through your feet into one continuous cycle through your body ending out your palms on the ground. Imagine you are expelling all stresses through your hands onto Mother Earth to be taken in and transformed into soul food at a later time. Feel the circle of life in this process. Visualize as much as possible.

3. Stand with your feet slightly less than shoulder width and feel your feet and pelvic floor rooting to the earth.Imagine yourself in a beautiful enchanted forest, feet in bare soil and the life force of the trees helping your connect to a higher form of energy. Reach up like the tree branches from your high heart center and feel the light of the sun, and stars come into your being as you firmly root your feet . Again use the power of your imagination to take both these energies in to your being with a long, deep breath. Repeat as needed on a daily basis.

After even one session your should feel better, but with continued practice and honing your visualization skills your will feel more connected to the sacred feminine. Feelings will stir up and move in your body as you tune and and think less. Remember these are movement and breath exercises, so you must turn off your rational mind to get the most benefit. To use more of your brain power you actually have to turn off the rational mind to let the other side of the brain reveal latent power and guidance. Feel free to correspond with me here on my blog .I would love to hear from you .

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