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Finding Your Voice, Your Truth -part 2

You will want to contemplate this exercise before bed, the night before venturing out to sea. Once you are familiar with the method it will allow for a full sensory experience, emotional release, and your inner wisdom to surface.

Exercise 1:

~Go into the ocean and face east stretch your entire body from the waist up, raise hands to greet the rising sun.

~Slowly turn forward to gaze upon the shimmering surface of the water and expanse of the ocean.

~In your mind’s eye, sense the water molecules rising from the sea and breathe them in.

~Open your mouth and taste the salt air with the next deep breath. As you feel the air infused with salt water water, imagine taking this purifying essence into your body.

~Experience taking in air through the mouth and notice this subtle elixir cleansing your throat chakra.

~Notice what emotions come up for you? Are you feeling blocked, constricted, without your voice in any way ? Is your throat tight? Is there anything you are holding back in there ? Is your voice being heard by others ? Maybe it’s not being heard by yourself fully. Do you really listen to your truth or are you playing a tape in your head?

~Imagine clearing your throat with the sea air to make way for your truth.

~Rest the palms of your on the area of your solar plexus just below your breasts. Imagine a refreshing lime green color in that area. Feel that “knowing center” from the depths of your soul and as you continue breathing through your throat chakra.

~Bring your hands a little higher to fully connect to your heart chakra. Visualize a brilliant emerald green shining in your extended heart area. As you breathe notice any tightness or pain in your heart center. If it had a voice is there anything it would say to you ?

~Imagine the circular path between these energies (heart and throat chakras) and just feel as you breath. Notice how the circle of breath is actually a growing spiral that goes deeper and deeper into your soul. This excavates a hidden treasure! Again ask yourself if this has a voice what would it say?

~Picture yourself as a tiny mermaid inside yourself opening that treasure box and see that the treasure is also you. It has been hidden and protected for too long and needs to be aired. Your voice needs to be literally aired. Do you have a word or a sentence ?

Do you have an image in mind? What can you say about this image ?

~See the mermaid rising to the surface to produce her shimmering jewels. Commit now to speak or express your truth in some way.

~Bring your awareness to the flow of the water around your body, or even just around your feet. Water swirls and flows just as our emotions do. It’s a part of life seeking expression.

~Hear the sounds of the flow and just breathe. Imagine that buried treasure glistening in the sunlight as you raise your hands to the light surrounding you.

~Feel the safety and sacredness of this place and time you have made for yourself.

~Just breathe and give thanks for this moment and never underestimate the power of your own expression.

This is your truth and a call to find your treasure within. Words may rise to the surface throughout the day. Keep a pen handy to take note or make notes in your phone. Your truth is being revealed. You may feel great right away or you may feel uncomfortable at first but gradually you will feel free. The truth always sets you free, even if painful at the onset. When you return home you can revisit this exercise in your minds eye since you will already have the sensory experience imprint from your sunrise beach exercise. It will have a similar effect at home now that you have already experienced it nature.

I hope you are enjoying this series on how the symbol of the mermaid can help us heal .....more to come. Be sure to subscribe in the teal box at very bottom of the page (scroll all the way down)

Najia offers personal Mermaid Mentoring Retreats in Cape May, NJ to help you find your inner voice and heal from the stresses of life .

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