Healing Rituals for the Beach

When I was a child, I intuitively found myself involved in activities that at their core are healing rituals. I would play mermaid in the ocean and merge my essence with the movement of the waves. I would tune into a purification process and note how the water washed away all the gunk in my psyche. I would do a process that I called "Counting the Colors " which was basically a form of chakra alignment and sometimes astral travel. I would spend hours with my whole body "earthing" merged in sand while building exotic castles. At the end of the day when most people leave the beach, I would tune in and see the dance of sacred geometry embedded in light particles all around me.

Fast forward to teenage and college years hanging with friends who were on drinking and fried food binges playing loud music on the beach, many of them passing out. Some of them were on sex marathons with strangers. I guess they were trying to find their balance in their own way, by rebelling and hiding from whatever was smothering them. Needless to say I just didn't fit in.

Now I am at a point in my life when I crave what I had when my spirit was so connected. I long for it and do my best to recapture my natural abilities from childhood as well as grow my personal healing rituals. One thing I always try to do when I am at the beach is get up before sunrise to embrace the light as it rises from its darkest turning point. It is majestic ! How can I possibly bear missing it.

A couple weeks ago, on our last 'Mermaid Retreat in Cape May my client and I documented this ritual in a Mermaid Fantasy photo shoot . We played with dressing her up in mermaid-like attire and embraced the rising sun through our heart chakra as we felt it fill our bodies and pour through the atmosphere. During the retreat I taught her chakra based grounding techniques in addition to working with the higher currents. It was a truly healing experience.

After our photo shoot we came up with special words that would align with our intention and we wrote them in the sand and let the waves carry them out to sea. A week later she texted me that so much had changed in her life and her intentions were being carried out. Sometimes you just need to take some time for yourself and heal at the oceans doorway.

" I signed up in January to be pampered on a weekend long woman's retreat with my dear friend Najia which she hosts for women in Cape May NJ, on summer weekends. She lovingly pre-prepares elegant yet simple vegan meals. She is a talented professional artist, illustrator and photographer, and also has a career teaching Middle Eastern dance which she studied in Egypt among other lands. We got up before dawn for this photo shoot, to catch the sunrise. I wasn't so sure about dressing up to be a mermaid, but with Najia's coaching and photographic skills, I relaxed, as she brought forth my "inner mermaid" (who knew? :-) Holistic skin care, food and lifestyle, dance/body movement for health, meditation, opening to deeper levels of creativity, were part of the experience. Plus shopping and taking in the sites and sounds of beautiful Cape May."

Debra Lee from Ambler P.A