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Creamy Cashew Beet Weight-loss Detox Soup

Please enjoy my delicious creation ! It is surprisingly protein packed with just the right amino acid combination of basically calorie free veggies . This soup will give you that goddess glow and slimmer figure for summer.

Many years ago I was watching a cooking show on Public Television. The first thing I saw was a green celery, cucumber drink on the left side of the screen and a huge cheeseburger on the right . The chef asked which item had more protein and the answer was they both had the same amount of protein. Crazy right? In other words you could drink something that basically has no calories and have just the right combination of amino acids equal to a large beef burger! Ever since then I try to combine cucumbers and celery in my smoothies and salads to up the protein content. Needless to say when I whipped this beet soup up in my kitchen, it had a healthy amount of these light but potent veggies .They have no protein on their own but combined they have the filling power of a high protein meal .

Recipe :

When I create things I never measure so please do not stress .It's not rocket science or baking so you really can't get it wrong . Every time I make this my ratios change and it is always superb.

Add the ingredients to a blender until smooth

~steamed fresh beets

~juice of a lemon or two

~ soaked softened cashews



~dill stems

~water as needed for consistency

Top with the lacy parts of fresh dill, salt to taste and drizzle with olive oil before serving .

Enjoy !

I teach cooking via Zoom or phone or in person at my retreats



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