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Wild Spring Basil Cashew Cheese Spread

I love experimenting with various types of nut cheeses especially cashew cheese. I first made this on impulse at my first Goddess Retreat at the Mystical Monastery over 4 years ago. I was teaching my classic cashew cheese recipe topped with peppercorns .I told my students that the varieties of the recipe are endless.It was just a base that you can other ingredients to. We still had some gorgeous fresh basil around so I tossed it into the blender and then I whipped it too much for the vegan goat cheese recipe. No worries though as it tastes great creamy.i added more water to whip it more and "Voila basil cheese. This time I topped it with some wild medicinals from my yard. Enjoy!

Ingredients :

16 oz. raw cashews

3 lemons including the zest

1/2 c. water, more if needed

2 shallots

1.5 oz about 2 large handfuls or fresh basil and for more flavor an optional 2 drops Young Living basil oil

Himalayan salt and white pepper to taste

1/3 c. olive oil for drizzling

Toppings used: edible violets , lemon balm, hemp, chia and flax seeds.

Recipe :

Soak the cashews in water at room temperature for 6 hours . Drain water .Toss all ingredients except oil into a high speed blender and process at low speed until blended .You may need a little more water if too stiff. Process at high speed until creamy. Dress with toppings and drizzle with oil. Serve with whole grain and gluten free cracker assortment and fresh cucumber, celery and dragon carrots.

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