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Aligning with Energy of the Full Blue Moon Eclipse 1/31/18

blue moon sacred dance

Setting aside time to align with the forces of nature help to restore our souls. The heightened energy of a lunar eclipse will aid us in releasing all that needs to be let go, all that needs to be ended. This rare event is happening in the month of new beginnings and in the dead of winter .

Get ready.

Are you ready to be the queen of your own terrain? Having this type of Eclipse in the sign of Leo is extremely rare and has not occurred in hundreds or possibly even thousands of years. It's your time to embrace your inner goddess if you can work with the energies. On January 31st , 2018 skywatchers are in for a rare treat, a Blue Moon, a total lunar eclipse and a supermoon all in the same month ! Known by many names such as; a blood moon describing the reddish glow on the moon, a blue moon since there are 2 full moons in the same month or "super blue blood moon" — it's all the same. That's when a total lunar eclipse and a full supermoon will occur. This auspicious event happens all on the very same day. The last time a full lunar eclipse coincided with a blue moon was back in 1982 in the eastern hemisphere and way back in 1866 in the western hemisphere.

What can we learn from this special shadow? Lunar Eclipses are about endings and releasing , yet there is a prophetic twist to this one as it is at a time that assists us in shining light on a passageway to our future. You must observe what unfolds around you and open yourself up to certain themes or life lessons that act as a guiding light. It's intensity is magnified by the fact it is also a Super Moon which happens when the Full Moon is closest to Earth. Combined with the Lunar Eclipse the visibility will be high and its energetic effects will be reinforced and felt in our lives. Whenever we have a rare celestial event such as this, we feel the energy intensely and it's potency will be felt in waves as we bring closure to the past and allow the new cycle to activate and flow. Think of what can you do to tune into and process for spiritual progress.

If that wasn't enough for you to add to the intensity there is a dual effect of a rare Blue Moon which is the second Full Moon of the month. We had our first Full moon on Jan 1st. This is also extremely rare. Astrologically, our mother moon is all about our emotions or underlying feelings and currents. Do we feel safe and secure as we move through the world? At this time, our sense of security and comfort may be shaken as we are given the opportunity to really look within and discover our fears, hopes, dreams and the truth.

Eclipses are always about turning points in our lives. Think back to the big Solar Eclipse August 2017 and what was percolating in your life at that time. What were the underlying lessons or themes for you around that time? Do you see them coming to an end? Are you will be able to bring closure and resolution to those energies? Have things moved in a new direction since then? It is very likely that whatever the Total Solar Eclipse brought into your life is now being resolved and put to rest. Pay attention to what was unfolding on a spiritual and emotional level, not just on a physical or external one.

The strong feline and lunar feminine energy will bring about worldwide changes for women. If we are open to it, all, both men and women may to connect to our high heart centers and access our inherent wisdom. It will help heal the plant as this energy opens us all up to the intuitive, softer heart centered place that connects us all. Expect to see more, people living their truth, more feminine power rise up and equal rights for women. The effects will be felt for weeks until things settle.

What action can you personally take?

Having this in the take charge sign of Leo will make you want to take action but the moon demands you clear things internally first. Ask yourself "What is being illuminated for my attention?' If the need to take action persists let it be the action of looking for hidden truths and digging up buried emotions. Clear things out .Do away with the past and let things go before embarking on a new course. You will experience conflicting urges to retreat and move forward. Just breathe and look deep so you can make positive changes in your life rather an reacting to the onslaught of planetary energies. As old wounds from the past resurface tune into your lioness energy .Lift up your heart and pride as you tread through the muck around you. Find your inner strength. Be confident that you are here for a reason and reexamine your life's mission. Use this energy to create a push for you. Embrace the changes it brings. Watch for the patterns and let your life flow.



Trust in the powers that be behind the scene. If something in your life abruptly ends or things start slipping away, do not panic. Have faith. The celestial powers have to assist us in clearing what holds us back before we can evolve to a higher state of consciousness. During this rare occurrence we are all being called to rise higher. We have to learn to surrender, float and go with it.

Najia's Mind Body Bellydance studio members will be having a special dance class this Wednesday Jan 31st to help process this transformation by using some very creative and theatrical dance energies. The lesson is also open to any private lesson student as the effects of this will be felt for weeks and it is wonderful to make time to internalize it.

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