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The Blue Butterfly of Happiness

The butterfly is a symbol of regeneration and transformation. It is a magical being that lifts our spirits by giving us a glimpse of their enchanted beauty. All start out as a caterpillar, so the metamorphosis into magnificence gives us hope. Today I want to share a 2 ingredient recipe that not only tastes great, radiates mysterious beauty but demonstrates a mystical quality when you serves your guests. This violet elixir changes to an ombre blue and violet when you add lemon or lime. It is truly a miraculous moment!. I hope you will try this yourself. The main ingredient is currently on clearance in September 2022 so it is a fantastic time to stock up before they take it off the seasonal supply.


1 quart mason jar full of filtered water

4 Epicure Blue Butterfly teabags

1 /2 lemon or lime

Put teabags in 1 quart water with li on overnight in the refrigerator . When you are ready to serve put into a pitcher and style with fresh hibiscus, mint or any edible from your garden. Now while your guests are watching, squeeze the lemon and watch it change color. Life is magical sometimes. Celebrate and mystify your friends and family.

Use this special link to purchase and receive the clearance price. Your blogger gets free product when you use this link in September. Help support this blog. Thank you


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