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Where is my Soulmate ?

Have you been wondering if there is a soulmate out there for you? Maybe you are alone, dating or in a relationship, but not finding the spiritual connection you are seeking. Sometimes we inadvertently block ourselves from the deepest of connections by choosing the familiar patterns, keeping too busy working to make an opening in our lives, or sabotaging a good relationship that may blossom.

Have you ever used your intuitive tools such as tarot or oracle decks? The cards are a means to receive messages from the subconscious realm to discover what we are not seeing from being in the midst of something. Having the perspective of looking at what is happening from a higher, outside view helps us to receive the information we may need . We have many guides there to help us achieve our heart's desire and the fulfillment of a truly loving, intimate relationship.

Enjoy this "Where is My Soulmate " reading by picking out your favorite Love Crystal. As I shuffle the cards, you will be hearing about my parents's love story to know there are truly real soulmates out there and that there is hope for you to find yours .

I recently started the experiment of "Pick a Card" readings on my You Tube Channel called The Dancing Oracle with Najia . Anyone can participate for free . In the last couple months I had many viewers from my Facebook, Instagram , TikTok as well as YouTube comments. I also had some of my bellydance students try the love readings out . Everyone that got back to me said their readings were completely accurate. I normally do in person readings, phone or Zoom readings and know that the cards never lie in personal readings. I was apprehensive about pre-posting several readings that viewers could pick out themselves by choosing a pile or crystal or object that they are drawn to, but it does work. I also had some of my bellydance students try the love readings. I invite you to do the same and please leave me a comment on YouTube . Please hit the like button and subscribe for free . It seems that you have the power to use your intuition to find answers on my free channel. Your guides are there to assist you.


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