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The Call of the Siren. Wildness, Artistry & Sensual Energy-part 1

"Many of us live life at the surface holding it all together. Weeks, months or even years can go by before we have a chance to fully breathe and feel the emotions inside ourselves."

What is it about the mermaid that has us all spellbound? For thousands of years, almost every culture has tales of the sea nymph. The Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa all have mysterious tales. Many of us are familiar with the sirens of Greek mythology. As little girls most of us have pretended to be a mermaid as we swam in the water. Playing mermaid allowed us to use our full imagination while having a rich sensory experience . Maybe it’s time to “play” again. You can dive deep in to the emotions or skim the surface with beauty rituals. What I promise you is transformative. Being a mermaid is not just child’s play. Mermaid play if for big girls too. It requires self reflection, self care, cultivating feminine beauty, finding your voice, feeling the emotional depths within yourself and discovering long lost treasure.

Najia offers plant -based Holistic Mermaid Retreats throughout the summer in Cape May New Jersey.

Being a mermaid teaches us to slow down and ride the current. Are you constantly pushing against the current, running everywhere handling the demands of job, home, family and friends in crisis? Ask yourself if you really need to try so hard when there is a greater force available to carry you to where you need to be. Tune into that life stream. It’s guided by a benevolent force with a greater wisdom than a mere human. Life has a way of working out when you let go and find your flow. Sometimes you need to allow yourself to float with the support of the current and trust it has your back. Other times you just have to surrender to the waves. Maybe turbulence will take you in a new direction or towards a dream that you never thought was within reach. Open to possibilities. Open to the magic of embracing your mermaid self.

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