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Embracing the Divine Feminine through Spiritual Bellydance

The word bellydance conjures up images of titillating dances of scantily clad women just for the pleasure of men. Nothing could be further from the truth, although this does happen sometime. It's such a eensy teensy percentile of what actually happens in the women's world. The essence of this dance by women for women, is to activate and feel divine feminine power. In the Middle East many women will gather after a meal to enjoy more social time, laughter and exercise by dancing. The purpose is to move energy, to feel better and embrace femininity in a society that literally walls it up through special garments and cultural restrictions.

In the rest of the planet where segregated living rooms between men and women do not exist, women will still gather together to share this experience for each other. They take classes, hold shows and many events that are almost exclusively women with perhaps a stray supportive husband carrying a drum. There is a certain magic that happens in a the women's world that any of those darling husbands and boyfriends will attest to. They are always astounded by the reality versus what they originally thought it was .

The origins of this dance are truly divine and were used for sacred purposes to raise energy for the fertility of the land and family. As you look at the archeological finding you will see that before might and physical strength dominated the planet, the Divine Mother was revered above all. She is the giver of all life. When you bellydance you may be fortunate enough to feel that spark of life through you like a powerful current connecting to all that is .

Come join me at White Sage Holistic Center 142 Quick St, Phoenixeville, PA on Sunday July 14th from 1-3 pm followed by an outing on the town.

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