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My Answer to a Prayer was Opening to Receive.

I have had so many trials in my life. I have metaphorically hit so many brick walls in my career as an artist, until I could no longer bang it out the hard way. I had to learn through much trial and error that there is grace available to us all and not always in the way the way you think it might be. In 1995 I was faced with spinal injuries so severe that five doctors told me I would spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair. Through a lot of prayer, self-introspection, acupuncture, Shiatsu and certain energy based movement techniques, I became a very well known and very successful Middle Eastern dancer.

When I was a small child, I intuitively knew how to use the chakras in various ways. I felt the connection to something greater than myself as well as a connection to all of nature. After the car accident, I kept praying for an answer to help heal my pain and help me be able to feel. I didn't do well with the drugs. I had no tolerance. My early childhood memories were re-ignited through messages from Spirit in a way that combined the chakra clearing with belly dance movements.

A few years ago I decided to share this knowledge with a small group of belly dance students who studied with me for many years. I told them that this material is really out there but to trust me and luckily they did. I started with a movement based course on the heart chakra. It was called "Opening to Receive" I knew that many of them had struggled with letting the blessings in and finding their hearts purpose. We worked in many ways to clear and tune ourselves to our higher natures through awareness through movement. If you can get yourself to receive the blessings, then you can bless everyone around you. There will be a natural in and out flow.

The results were truly miraculous for all who did their homework. Those who just showed up a few hours that month without additional practice still felt the difference in their lives. One student who practiced morning and night really wanted a new job with better pay. She had taken a drastic pay cut to keep working in a devastated economy. This poor woman was mugged twice in her work parking lot. She opened her heart to receive work in a town that was safe and a pay that was commensurate her decades of experience.

Within just a month of lessons, recruiters and heads of the companies were begging her to work for them. All three jobs were in upscale neighborhoods. One position gave her a 20,000 salary increase, while the others were 18,000 and 12,000 pay raises. She did her homework dance exercises every morning and night and her vibration shifted drastically.

We eventually worked on the other chakras before she she asked me if there was a way to open the heart to her soulmate. I told her I was given the information recently from Spirit but was afraid to teach it as a full course. I was in no position in my life to attract my soulmate. There was no space for even a social life at that time in my life, as my mom was very ill and needed so much care.

I compromised. I said we could build on her knowledge with a couple extra heart points to work through but I was going to hold my own heart back in class for the time being. Well, it was no surprise that my student did do her homework, found her soulmate and was married within the year! I still visit her Facebook page and it seems her life is one big honeymoon. This past month, my life has changed, but not without the sorrow of losing my mom. I feel I am getting ready to meet my soulmate and I know just what to do.

Come join me at White Sage Holistic Center 142 Quick St, Phoenixeville, PA on Sunday September 21st from 3 -5 pm for the basics of Chakra Alchemy in relation to the heart.

Mind, Body, Bellydance ~ Moving through Life with an Open Heart When you open your heart you open to life. You open to the flow of giving and receiving and an entirely different way of MOVING through life. By connecting the mind and body through Najia’s specific dance exercises blockages fall away. Changes happen in your life . When you move your heart you move others and life will open up to you . Not your typical bellydance class but part of Najia’s holistic approach to movement. We will also be tuning up our vibration with a special Abundance oil as part of our workshop.

Contact Shannon (610) 570-9698‬ or register here :

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