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The Call of the Siren. Wildness, Artistry & Sensual Energy-part 2

"Being a mermaid is not just child’s play. It requires self reflection, self care, cultivating feminine beauty, finding your voice, feeling the emotional depths within yourself and discovering long lost treasure."

Many of us live life at the surface holding it all together. Weeks, months or even years can go by before we have a chance to fully breathe and feel the emotions inside ourselves. We all need time to go deep within and process what has happened to us in life. Sometimes we just need to feel it, even the pain. It is then, we can finally release it and set up a better standard of living. Are you able to take care of your needs? Are you even aware of what you really need?

I have had an enormous insight into the lives of many women through my experience as a bellydance teacher for over 25 years. I see many ladies be envious of the lives of others when they have no idea how much pain is behind the scenes. Women who seem to have it all, are really holding it all together. They rarely complain if at all. The pain is still there and needs to be expressed through a transformational process . Many women are drawn to the archetype of belly dancer/goddess to heal the damage done to the female psyche. There is also the archetype of mermaid that allows those on my retreats to heal in a less intimidating way.

We often see paintings of mermaids basking on a moonlit rock tending to her long, lush locks. The rock represents support for our earthly needs and the moon is the divine mother. The Mermaid’s hair represents wisdom and taking care of ourselves. If you cannot join me on retreat then at least make the time to slow down. Be present. Feel the healing energy of the earth beneath you. Greet the beautiful moon mother at night. As you brush and adorn the tresses from your head, acknowledge the wisdom you have gleaned over the years.

Simple Exercises:

1. In the morning as you awaken just feel the surface of the bed and the softness of the sheets. Extend your consciousness down beneath the bed to the earth. Feel the magnetic forces beneath you. There are there and you can get energy from them! Draw energy up into yourself as you rise out of bed. All you have to do is picture it and breathe.

2. Take a moment when you come home at night to look for the moon and send her a greeting .If there is no moon visible be sure to at least experience the beautiful display in the night sky and give thanks.

3. Slowly brush your hair and massage your scalp at night and ponder how much your wisdom has grown through the years. No matter how difficult things are now, you have more experience to handle anything that comes along. Celebrate yourself at any age.

I hope you are enjoying this series on how the symbol of the mermaid can help us heal .....more to come. Be sure to subscribe in the teal box at very bottom of the page (scroll all the way down)

Najia offers personal Mermaid Mentoring Retreats in Cape May, NJ to help you find your inner voice and heal from the stresses of life .

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