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DIY Pumpkin Art for the Entrance Way

It only takes 10 minutes to make this 2 .5 'high festive pumpkin planter to welcome guests to your door.


I get such a rush from embracing every season, whether it is going to winter ice festivals, the beach, planting a garden or welcoming guests to my home for seasonally inspirewd vegan fare. Every autumn, I admire the welcoming whimsical orange pumpkin displays on front lawns wherever I go. I have steered away from spectacular displays myself and put out the lone pumpkin on my doorstep each week to feed boisterous squirrels romping through my yard. You see I have seem to have trained them to eat anything seasonal and edible outside. I solved this dilemma somewhat creatively with the addition of moss, remains of my herb garden, pinecones and mini pumpkins.

For every problem there is a creative solution

There is always a creative solution to any dilemma and a way to make both parties satisfied.


Whenever a critter takes a bite out of my display, I add some moss or plantings. If if there is a big gaping whole I cover it with a mini pumpkin. Just like my pen and ink drawings become so much more by a big spat of ink in the wrong place, inspiring a creative solution, so too does this evolving pumpkin door decor.

So far, as of today my display has only minor holes to cover but in the past I have seen squirrels carve out the whole top ending up inside with a cute head peeking out every so often. When this happens again my solution is to plant some mums inside the pumpkin, add more moss, leaves and pine cones around the base.

Farmer's Markets not only provide great choices for your DIY project but also support local farmers and while immersing you in the Fall experience.


- A variety of large and small pumpkins, squash or gourds

- Moss -Available at garden supplies or your local woods

- Colorful leaves

- Pinecones

- Any small planting remains of your garden that might be dying off soon

- Water


It is as easy as layering. I started with some moss on the bottom to separate my art from the leafy ground but you may be creative and according to your tastes .I did need the moss or even dirt between pumpkin layers to secure my herbs in and keep them alive until the frost hits. Add some pine cones and colorful leaves for more texture and color and saturate the whole display with water so the moss and plantings stay alive . Any time a critter takes a bit cover with a mini pumpkin or planting.

Something I could never do before but always admired were abundant pumpkin cairns. This one at the place where I hold my Goddess Retreats.

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