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The Power of Gratitude ~ The Most Potent Force for Transformation

There is one thing we all have in common. No matter how carefree our lives look like on the outside, we all have our sorrow, pain, challenges and no matter how much we hurt inside we all have something to be grateful for. In fact if we look further and start listing what we can say "Thank you " to the Universe for, we shall find an unending stream of gratitude which is one of the most potent forces for transformation.

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If you ever find yourself caught in a downward spiral of seemingly bad luck, needing a miracle, the power to reverse it is in your heart, mind and pen. Yes your pen! There has always a been tremendous metaphysical connection hand to pen. I find that if I want to change my life that no physical act can match the power of a Gratitude List.

Gratitude Exercise

~Make a list of at least 10 things you are gratedul for and write them down.

~Re-read each one, contemplate and say "Thank you ."

~Do this 2 more times line by line for each one.

~Really feel the essence and take it into your being.

~Notice the frequency you are now giving out and watch what happens coincidently

~ open to MIRACLES!

It was both the late Louise Hay and Florence Scovel Schinn that taught me how much choice I have to participate in my own suffering , thereby creating more or conversely when I look at all I have to be grateful for, then life will give me more to be able to express even more thankfulness. Life is like the sun shining down on us and will grow whatever seed we put forth. It is Sheila Reynolds and her deeply insightful Facebook posts, who has reminded me how much creativity we have in the present moment.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day . Today 325 million people are now caught in a holiday whirlwind, rushing about shopping for the big meal , boarding planes, anxious over politics and family. Most do not realize the power inherent in this country wide celebration. If only we could all take an hour or two out of our busy day to truly count our blessings. We would not only facilitate positive change in our own lives but increase the power through shared experience.

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