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Turmeric Tempeh Wheat Berry Salad

Turmeric is all over the culinary scene these days. Many Westerners are giving up the pain pills and adding turmeric to their dishes and beverages as a holistic treatment for pain. Why take anti-inflammatories when you can add turmeric to your diet and have no adverse side effects? Probiotic rich Tempeh is made with fermented edamame or soy beans. Not only is Tempeh good for your gut, it also helps boost collagen cell production, enhancing your skin and joint health. Choose only organic ingredients.

This dish is usually served cold as a salad but it makes a yummy warm dish in cooler weather .

Ingredients :

2 cups dry wheat berries. You can also substitute kamut, or spelt grains .

6 cups water

juice and zest or 2 lemons or 4 clementines

1/2 cup olive oil

1/4 cup turmeric for cooling water

1/2 lb of tempeh cut into cubes

salt to taste and black pepper to activate the turmeric

fresh herbs such as parsley, cilantro or basil

2 cups of tiny sweet tomatoes


Soak your wheat berries or kamut overnight in water. Rinse well and drain.

Boil 6 cups water and turmeric, tempeh cubes and berries or kamut and cook 30 -60 minutes until tender. Different varietes of the berries make the cooking times vary. You may need to add more water to the pot. Let cool .Toss with seasonings, tomatoes and fresh herbs. drizzle citrus juices and olive oil .Serve cold as salad or hot in cooler weather .


Get creative ! Use this recipe as a grain salad base. i just made the most delicious version where I added finely shredded cabbage , yellow and dragon carrot medallions, celery .Drizzle with more fresh citrus

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