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Have a Fashionista Potluck

Are you looking for a fun theme with a purpose for your fall festivities ? You may consider having your friends over for a Fashionista party. It's a blast! Its basically a fashion exchange . I hosted one last year in honor of my crazy mom who has her own unique fashion that keeps her going strong at an age she wants to keep secret. She was delighted to have all my friends gathered in her honor giving her lots of attention and sharing stories.

All you need is a place to hang clothing, a mirror and some baskets for jewelry and beauty items. Ask everyone to bring 5- 10 items each. Whatever people bring they can take the same number home. I included the beauty items such as perfume, lotions and un-used cosmetics since we are not all the same size. Most people brought items to purge their closets and were planning to not take anything home but could not resist the unique finds among their friends collections.

Another great idea to add to the eco-friendly spirit of the event is to ask everyone to bring a vegan or vegetarian potluck. Plant based food has the lowest carbon footprint. It's also healthy and kind and we all need a bit more kindness these days. When you get everyone to participate by bringing food and items to share you get everyones heart and soul involved. It brings such joy and sprit to the party and it makes it a lot easier on the hostess, moi , so she can enjoy her company in a more relaxed manner.

I really hope I have inspired you. Let me know if you have one and feel free to send me your story and photos.

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