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The Secret to Beautiful Skin

When I was a teenager, I started dabbling in making my own natural organic beauty products. Every month I received my kit full of "biologique" ingredients from France. I so resonated even then with making something from nature, it has been imprinted in me ever since. Eventually I matured and fell sway to all the drugstore, department store, dermatologist hype. The lure of infomercial products promising skin as beautiful as their models had me hooked in. Who wouldn’t want to look like that ? I wanted to be beautiful. I felt like I was missing something and maybe I could find it in a jar. I didn’t get results, so I kept running the hamster wheel of trying commercial products.

Najia's Secret Miracle Treatment has kept her youthful appearance. She shares this product at her Goddess and Mermaid Retreats

Decades ago I became vegetarian, then vegan and eventually that led to choosing cruelty free products for my skin. I called the companies who made the skin care product and could never get a clear answer about the ethics of their products. I grew weary and I decided to make my own products again. I experimented with side-by-side skin testing and eventually just used my products alone. My female primary care doctor witnessed my transformation over the years and just had to know what I was doing. People commented on my wrinkle free skin. Some even asked what spa I went to. Amazing! The life of an artist does not usually include spas, but luckily being an artist means I am naturally creative and like to mix up potions. It’s fun and I guess the good karma paid off and gave this intense sun worshiper her own jar full of miracles.

Countless people have asked me to sell my product for over a decade. I like to create and don’t like being stuck on the computer or standing in line at the post office any more than I have to so I found a compromise by teaching how to make natural products at my Goddess Retreat workshops. The ladies who attend my Mermaid Retreats in Cape May now receive a beauty basket brimming with my skin miracle as well as other hand crafted natural beauty products.

The products bear little resemblance to commercial products and smell glorious. My beauty system is unique and requires a small shift in getting away from a homogenized version on how to use products. When used as directed they do seem magical compared to commercial products. One retreat participant got rid of her scars, the other reduced her acne more than 80 percent and reduced her wrinkles .One woman with a large scaly keratin patch for over five years found it disappeared in a month with my formula after her dermatoligist said there was no way to get rid of it.

What can you do yourself if you cannot come to my events? Be bold, be creative and do your research on the internet. Be sure to use only the purest ingredients available. Have fun with it and trust that the good karma will pay off.

In 2019 I will be making a few extra batches for sale of my “ Secret Miracle Treatment” you can buy them at my events. I am considering putting it for sale on Etsy so sign up for my monthly newsletter or join me on Facebook if you are interested. You will at least be able to have products at my events.

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