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The Magic of the Full Moon


The Moon is a Reflective Mirror

When you look up at the brilliance of a magnificent full moon, it’s difficult to fathom that the moon itself radiates no light of her own. The light we see from the moon is actually the blaze of the sun shining onto our celestial goddess. She concentrates this luster upon her surface so that she may illuminate us in the dark of night. She is our reflective mirror in the deepest depths of our psyche as well as a gentle guide in the night sky. Mirrors and the moon are symbols associated with mermaid guides who take us on a voyage deep down beneath the surface. Most of the people on my Mermaid Retreats are unaware of the principles of working with reflected, softer light sources like I use in photography. Once you try it out on the physical level with a mirror or white reflective surface and a light source, it will open you up to experience the metaphor on an emotional level. My hope is that by doing so, you may glean a profound understanding of the full moon and be able to work more fully with her cosmic energy. Everything that exists in the physical is an opportunity to see an underling spiritual truth.

The Pulling Aspect of the Full Moon

How do we manage the overwhelming forces in our lives that have put us so out of sync? Direct confirmation with our inner landscape during the daylight hustle may send us over the edge. Setting time aside once a month for our celestial mirror during the full moon is a practice to transform your life in manageable ways. This tender, luminous light allows us to reflect on our own life to see what does not serves us and cast it away. Mother Earth is also there to assist us in purging during this time with the natural gravitational forces. During the full moon the earth sits between the sun and moon which causes a downward flow of water. This pulling affects water within and below the soil. It is being tugged downward away from the sun. This stimulus allows for whatever is unwanted to be drawn back into the earth to be recycled or renewed. Contemplate, tune in, and align yourself with this downward flow of water to cleanse your emotional life during the full moon.

Being out of sorts with nature during the full moon, will tinge your mood with a bit of lunacy. If you do not slow down, you may end up a statistic like the ones conducted on crime rates, mental health facilities, hospital emergency rooms, and vehicular crashes during the full moon. Be in tune with nature like the farmers who utilize this current to pull out weeds, thin out plants, and harvest. Take a deep breath, extract and untangle your mind and detox during this spiritual bath-time. Add a symbolic song by sending out a high vibe intention. This magical interval of intensity lasts for three nights, from the night before the full moon to the night after. Take advantage of this effective time and high-powered energy to broadcast your intentions and propel them to manifest.

I have listed few of my favorite full moon rituals to align myself more with the natural cycles.. Make time for at least one of them. The first one takes only a few minutes. Start anywhere and you can grow your connection with each passing month.

1. Hello Moon

Whenever I look at the face of the full moon, I feel like a child again. Life is magic and I believe the moon is alive with a consciousness that is watching over us. No matter where I travel upon the earth, her countenance will always be in my direction, gazing upon the earth. This is something we all have in common, no matter where we live. During the full moon we can experience this enchantment and give thanks to the moon. Unless it’s a completely cloudy night there is no excuse not to do this action. Just look for the goddess and admire her majesty.

2. Full Moon Journaling

Slow down during these 3 days and write down how you feel. When I say write, I mean handwriting. There is a certain alchemy in the brain when you take pen in hand with old fashioned cursive compared to typing. A hidden stream of consciousness will come to the surface. You may try to speak your feelings but truly it’s a completely enlightening experience if you write it down. It’s surprising what will come out on paper! Have no agenda other than to just write and see what shows up. It’s faster and cheaper than seeing a therapist and can also aid in your healing if you are seeing one.

If you are having trouble getting started you may find these questions will help you tap into the stream of consciousness to get beneath the surface.

~ What have I lost in myself that needs to be restored?

~ What needs to rise to the surface to be seen more clearly?

~ How do I navigate through turbulent waters?

~ What treasure lies buried at the bottom of my personal ocean?

~ How do I handle duality within myself?

After you have some discoveries from the first couple journaling exercises you may clearly see that which no longer serves you. Write down what you would like to release from your life.

I am ready to release :

1. ______________________________________

2. ______________________________________

3. ______________________________________

4. ______________________________________

Next you can write down what you want to bring into your life. Remember this is a potent time.a threshold moment. No dream is too vast. In the realm of imagination all potential exists. The universe can arrange anything for you and so remain receptive and see what flows in to you. This is a type of spiritual moon dance where you align your energy like you do with a dance partner. It takes two. You allow the help to come in for something that you have held in your heart for some time, maybe something that has been blocked. Concentrate on one thing this month

I am ready to invite in :

1. ______________________________________

If you are launching a bold new dream, you may want to wait for the new moon in 14 days when the energy is ideal for fresh starts. For now you can do the groundwork by letting go and having something in mind to replace that which is ready to go ,Right now you are standing between doorways, preparing yourself for a commitment when the new moon comes. Dreams can develop in the darkness of a new moon just like seeds do when planted in the ground. The difference is these seeds will be covered in starlight.

3. Full Moon Release Ritual

Take a look at your journal and rewrite all that you would like to release now on a tiny scroll of 3”x 8” piece of paper. Roll it up using into a small cigarette size so you can safely light it on fire. Visualize these things being released from your life. As the fire burns low you can let it finish burning in a fireproof container or just toss the whole things into a fireplace or camp fire like we have on our some of our retreats. Sometimes the words “ I am done . I am so done with this. “ come out of my mouth as I do this ritual.

The days leading up to a full moon is a great time to sort through your things and find what you can give away. Releasing items that are no longer needed or cluttering up your mind is a spiritual exercise. Holding on to what you no longer need creates stagnant energy. I am lucky to live near a “ Free Store” where I can bring all kinds of items for others to come in and shop for free.

Be sure to take a look tonight since today at 10:53 am EST we have the brightest and largest full moon of the year! It"s a Super Snow Moon in the sign of Virgo, my sun sign which is also the sign of the Divine Feminine. It's time to release any outdated beliefs of what a woman should be and claim independence, for Virgo is the sign of a woman who is whole unto herself. Since Virgo is ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury, it's now time to take back your power by paying attention to and speaking your truth. This applies to all sun signs when the moon is in Virgo. The moon uncovers hidden emotions.. What are you not speaking that needs to be spoken? I hope you enjoy my first in a series of Full Moon Magic to help you make the most of the moons energy

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