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Full Moon Bath Ritual

Full Moon Bath Ritual

During the full moon, there is a natural pulling effect that helps us to release toxins of whatever is unwanted. This not only applies to the physical but the emotional body. Make the night of the full moon your time for a salt and crystal ritual bath. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of the gravitational forces to release whatever is weighing you down. In fact it is said that during the full moon, it is three times more effective than the rest of the month. The salts combined with warm water and special oils will draw out toxins and rebalance your body to it's natural healing frequency. I love connecting with the full moon in this way in the winter, as the cold weather makes it difficult for me to do a outside spiritual practice. I will still say “ Hello “to the moon outside before proceeding to my bathroom for this nurturing self care ritual.

Ritual Space

Prepare a ritual space in your bathroom. Having all the right elements adds to your experience. It’s important to treat this as sacred space. First you must lovingly and thoroughly, clean your tub. Purify the air from negative spirits by burning sage, Palo Santo or a cleansing incense such as sandalwood or frankincense. Take a moment to set your intentions as you let the warm water run into the bath. Play some soft meditative music on low volume in the background while you light candles to set the mood. Surround the perimeters of your tub with one of the more supportive crystals we use in our other moon rituals such as moonstone, labradorite, kyanite, selenite and our amplifier crystal clear quartz. You may even want to adorn your body with these stones if you have them as jewelry. It’s so divinely female to do so, and the sensual female nature of doing so will help you tune in. Realize not all crystals are safe to submerse. Selenite can actually dissolve in water and one dies not like to get wet.

Moon Detox Bath Mix

7 drops frankincense-protect, purify, and release anxiety and depression

7 drops sandalwood- spiritual cleaning and protection

2 drops of rose - feeling love and support

2 drops lavender- spiritual love, relaxation

1 cup Epsom salts- magnesium drains lactic acid to relax muscles, reduces inflammation. The sulfates stimulate digestion to aid in further releasing

1/4 cup Himalayan salts -80 nutrients to replenish skin and body, stimulate muscles and restore homeostasis, electrical quality of the salt helps waste disposal

1/2 cup baking soda -alkalinize the water, neutralize chlorine, soften the skin and aid in absorption of minerals

A few rose petals -watch as the dance and float on the water’s surface

fresh whole gardenia - a luxurious, fragrant alternative to the dried rose petals

Immerse, Attune, Let Go

Add all of your “ Moon Detox Mix “ to your bath and Step in the water and pay attention to what you are feeling. Notice the sounds of the water and how the water changes the acoustics in the room. Feeling the sensual nature of water will help you access a calm state of mind while you process your emotions. The natural forces at this time draw up suppressed feelings to help you release old layers, beliefs, relationship patterns and people that no longer support your spiritual journey. Lay back for the next twenty minutes and feel the stress literally pull away from you. Ask what feels heavy. Ask what is ready to be released this month. As you find what you need to purge, imagine what you want to restore within the deepest recesses of your soul and vow to keep that guiding image in your mind throughout the month.


After you dry your body, take a moment to write down any revelations. Gather your crystals and place them near your bed to continue the process through your dreams.

As the abundance and visceral display of color and scents springs into full bloom, we can make a wish on a falling star this month On the nights of May 4 and 5, catch the peak of the meteor shower. Life can be spectacular if you just get out and look in the right places! The shower favors the southern hemisphere, where 60 meteors per hour are visible. Here Philadelphia in the North we can spot between 10 and 30 meteors per hour. The blue full moon will rise on May 18 in the sign of Sagittarius.

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