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Healing Waters.The Joy and Beauty of Infusing.

Sometimes life is lived in the beauty of the details. A simple glass of water can not only improve your health but touch your soul in a way that affects your emotional health. Small things can make a huge difference in enriching our lives and some things in life are easier than you think. All the waters and photos below were from my Mermaid and Goddess Holistic Lifestyle Retreats. I hope to guide all of you in my journey to live life like a goddess. Live a life in line with nature and bring beauty to all you do. Drink up and quench your thirst for your soul !

Infused Healing Waters

I am inviting you to empower your body’s natural healing process with the power of plant infused waters. Not only will the infused water keep you refreshed and hydrated, but you’ll also load up on the health-benefits offered by the fruit, veggies and herbs. Your body will improve in many ways such as keeping your temperature regulated, lubricating and protecting your joints. Your spinal cord and sensitive tissues will have added protection from shock. These waters will help your body improve oxygen delivery to its cells, moisten the oxygen for easier breathing, improve cell to cell communication and maintain normal electrical properties of the cells. You will also find relief from constipation, and get rid of waste through urination and perspiration. When you start making infused waters you will be craving this delicious elixir more and more.

Get started !

No special equipment is needed. The great part about infused water is that it’s so easy to make. Choose your favorite large mason jar or pitcher. Add filtered tap water or water from your tap. There is no need to buy water in plastic bottles unless you live in a country with contaminated water. Wash, chop and add fresh fruits, veggies and or herbs to your water and let infuse for 4 or more hours in your refrigerator. You can give a jump start to your flavor by infusing this at room temperature for up to two hours before putting in the refrigerator. In very hot weather jumpstart infusion at room temperature for only 1 hour to prevent bacteria growth. You can store this for us to 3 days as long as you remove your fruits and veggies after a few hours. Any longer than that you run the risk of them breaking down and decomposing which can create unpleasant flavors. Yes, you can eat your infusion mixture too!

How much do I need to really taste it?

The more produce you add and the longer you soak them, the more intense the flavor will be. Cucumber, melon, citrus fruits and mint are very potent and little is needed as well as less infusion time. You will need generous portions of foods like rosemary, berries, apples and ginger or they will need to soak overnight. Just remember that with citrus fruit, the rind can start to add a bitter flavor after it has soaked a few hours. If this is bothers you in any way you can peel the fruit before using it. I just jump in and experiment. Sometimes just the look of an explosion of fruits and herbs fills my soul and other times I am more delicate in my approach. You really can’t get it wrong. Just start.

My favorite combinations:

Strawberry, basil, and lemon

Hibiscus flower and mint

Honeysuckle and clementine

Lemon balm and cucumber

Blackberry and sage

Grapefruit and rosemary

Cucumber and pomegranate

Blueberries and orange

Pear and ginger

Pineapple, orange and mint

Lavender flowers with lemon

Watermelon, lime and basil

Ginger, apple, cinnamon stick and vanilla bean

Honeydew and basil

Watermelon and jalapeño

Raspberry and organic rose petals

Peach and vanilla bean

Apple,carrot, lemon, has jalapeño

Celery, cucumber, lemon

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