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The Call of the Siren. Wildness, Artistry & Sensual Energy-part 3

"Most of our emotions get stuck in the throat. Sometimes the words never make it out, while other times we literally keep them down with comfort food."

As sirens of the sea, mermaids have a connection to the throat chakra. There is a deep wildness, artistry, sensual energy, and playfulness in the expression of their song. Their sustained notes echo from the depths of their bellies. It is this core where we hold on to our emotions and fears before they branch out to other parts of our body and resonate in illness or pain.

Many women will first experience emotions being stuck in the throat. Sometimes the words never make it out, while other times we literally push then deep down in the belly with comfort food. I think we have all done that rather than acknowledging what is really in front of us or owning our voice; our power. Think back to the times in your life when your reaction was to withdraw rather than speak up. What might have happened if you had replaced the reticence with boldness? Hmmm...who knows, but, I suspect your throat channel would feel clear and that satisfaction would go all the way down into your belly.

The throat chakra is synonymous with expressing our personal truth. As women, our voice often gets overpowered and pushed down. Finding your voice is the lesson. Trust there is a way to take all the emotional turmoil from the depths and process it metaphorically into an enchanting song. Your life is a creative work, just like a song is. Many songwriters take all the sorrow in their lives and channel it into a thing of beauty. This "song" can represent the vision you have for your life.

When you voice your truth and live your truth, you will have a life that allows the magic to flow in towards you. Trust that it WILL flow. The Universe, angels and Deities want you to be your authentic self. As your vibration grows stronger, that sustained note will magnetize what has been waiting for you, perhaps a treasure. It all comes down to vibration or the quality that you emanate into the ethers. What you send out comes back to you.

Remember you can choose a life holding on to pain, putting up blockages, limiting yourself, silencing your voice, or you can choose a way to embrace your treasure within. You are a siren. Send out your song .

I hope you are enjoying this series on how the symbol of the mermaid can help us heal .....more to come. Be sure to subscribe in the teal box at very bottom of the page (scroll all the way down)

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