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Finding Your Voice, Your Truth- part 1

It has been said that whatever is done in the early morning sets the tone for the whole day. These are very wise words. You can amplify this power by watching the magnificence of the sunrise; the transformation between the dark and the light. Take advantage of this brilliant theater whenever you are near the ocean and contemplate the turning points in your life. These are the moments the lights go on in your consciousness, after much struggle. You find moments of clarity when you took back or acknowledged your power in how your life played out.

Working with water is also crucial to the process. The reason that this is so important is that water contains our emotions. Water also washes away the emotional residue collected from others. If you are an empathic, someone who is highly sensitive, who senses what people are feeling to the point of feeling their pain in your body and mind you will want to cleanse more often. You will find salt water to be an extremely effective way to cleanse your energy field.

You can experience these exercises with the author at one of her Mermaid Mentoring Retreats in Cape May NJ.

Chakras are energy centers throughout our body and extend beyond the body. They carry vibrational imprints that need to be cleared every so often. If you have experienced trauma and have held in your anger, even rage, know that the vibrational imprint is affecting you adversely and needs to be released in a safe way.

In order to find your voice, your personal truth, you will need to work with your throat chakra. The energy in the throat is associated with the color blue. Imagine a beautiful healing blue similar to Caribbean waters or a brilliant blue sky. It is the color of expansion. It lifts our spirits. This color literally and metaphorically it clears the air.

Although we are primarily clearing our throat chakra, the heart is involved as well. The heart holds the pain and shines a vibrant emerald green. I picture the stuck parts of our heart like a cave filled with brilliant emeralds on all the walls. They only get to shine at intervals as little bits of light drift in throughout the day. They come alive with the healing power of light.

At the base of the heart we find the top of our solar plexus. The solar plexus is usually golden but since we are at the heart attachment point you will be visualizing more of a lime green. This is a crucial point in healing . It is between chakras that feel so much. If you tune into this area of the body its like a glass half empty and half full. A point between knowing and not knowing . Your solar plexus has a GPS for your survival .It's your gut reactions that bear the truth .The heart moves to expansive light energies away from mere earth and higher realms .Without grounding its feels scary between worlds. So much like a mermaid !

In the next blog post I have a special exercise for you from my Mermaid Book . Tune in.......

I hope you are enjoying this series on how the symbol of the mermaid can help us heal .....more to come. Be sure to subscribe in the teal box at very bottom of the page (scroll all the way down)

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