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Make a Wish!

A romantic gesture worthy of countless scenes in movies, is sending your wishes off in a bottle and tossed into the sea. The vastness of the ocean carries the potential of the great unknown. It is that sense of trust, hope, belief in possibilities, pulsing, reaching for something greater or dear to our hearts. There is power in words or symbols to represent our intentions. Take time to clarify your intentions so that you are not creating a sad life by default.

Watch your words and stop using ones that erode your dreams. This simple act changed my life when I got rid of a sentence that kept brining me what I did not want. I got rid of saying that I have no money. Once I deleted that sentence from my vocabulary, the good paying freelance flowed right to me in rivers of abundance.

A beautiful eco-friendly way to have the ocean carry your wishes, is by writing your wishes in the sand.

~ Take a long stick or carefully kneel and write your wish in the sand.

~ Take a photo of your wish. In fact you can document the whole process with a video .

~ As the waves take your wish out to sea, imagine the essence of your wish mingling with every drop of water in the ocean. In your mind’s eye see your wish being carried to the far reaches of the globe. It evaporates into the atmosphere and is carried up through the clouds. It eventually rains down across the land or ends up as snow on mountain tops and eventually melts and makes its way down mountain rivers to fresh water lakes.

~ Trust in the expansiveness and greatness of the ocean. Have faith in divine orchestration.

~ A year from now revisit the photo of your wish and contemplate all the steps the universe has taken to bring your closer to your wish. Did your wish come easily? Well your are most fortunate. Did Divine intelligence have to break apart some things in your life to make way for your hearts desire? Most things in life are not a straight line to the finish. Trust in the process.

~ Remember to let go to be in the flow.

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