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Zoodles anyone?... Spiralized Zucchini Stew

It may be warm for February here in Philadelphia but the cold, damp air calls for a hearty warming dish. If you come home from work famished, and are short on time, try this out. Most ingredients are already in most kitchens. Yes you make take liberties as soups and stews unlike baking are not an exact science.

The most wonderful thing about this are the fun Zoodles, a zucchini noodle instantly made through the magic of a contraption called a spiralizer. Zucchini is a very low starch carbohydrate and extremely low in calories unlike wheat pasta. The illusion of the spirals really tricks the brain into it feeling like regular pasta on the tongue. It is satisfying and rich tasting, yet is in reality, very light for those getting ready to ditch the bulky coats and bare a bit of skin in the coming seasons .

Ingredients: For 1 hearty serving

1/2 jar tomato sauce

1 cup of leftover veggies

1 cup soy milk or any milk alternative

1 whole organic zucchini spiralized

a little water to make it more soupy

a few heirloom mini tomatoes or whole tomato cut up

All you do is put all the ingredients into a pot and boil then reduce and simmer for several minutes until your Zoodles are cooked according to your liking


Violife vegan Parmesan

grated Brazil nut

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