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Mysteries of the Red Tent

Music by Amira Dvorah "Festival of Lights" you can find also Amira on Facebook

Where do I begin?

It was over 15 years ago when I first was inspired to drape my entire studio, walls, floors and windows in various shades of red flowing fabric. All the appetizers were carefully planned to reflect the mood of the evening as we drank red tea from a Moroccan inspired tea service. Two wonderful drummers Megan (Fairouza) and Jeff Chivetta played for the dancers in such a way to put us into a trance. I am not sure what possessed me to have a Zaar Ritual in a Red Tent but I do know that it was so overwhelmingly powerful it would be a long time before I was ready to host another one.


Recently I was inspired by the lifetime movie "The Red Tent " to host a Red Tent Night at the glorious Sangha Space Ballroom on one of our Goddess Nights .All the right elements conspired to give birth to this. The space, the great community of students, and the 40 red veils sitting in my belly dance closet were all calling forth this grand experiment. It was a challenge to transform the entire 2nd floor in just under 15 minutes but a wonderful team of volunteers were waiting just as the yoga class let out of the studio. It was a miracle! Shortly it was all together and we were all like kids transfixed by the magic of it all. Everyone had their phones out recording while I ran through the veils with total abandon. Soon it was time for our vegan potluck and show .

The Show

At showtime the balcony spotlight was turned on for our student performers. Meredith truly cast a spell over us with a slow, beautifully executed improvisational dance to music from the Orient which surprisingly worked perfectly. The voice of an angel took us all by surprise, Angela had us crying over the emotion and range of her two songs.

The Workshop

Goddess Nights are always special in every way . They are completely different than our weekly classes .They are like stepping into another time, another realm as we work with the root of all dance .it is truly a sacred experience and many students tell how Goddess Night has given them breakthroughs in their lives as well as their dancing . All that happens in the Red tent is the woman's world so workshops will reflect that. Last month after we created our sacred space we delved deep into our center's doing familiar moves in a whole new way .We work with the energy behind the dance as we tap deep into our consciousness as well as our bodies abilities. This month we will work on bringing light into the dark places with candle dancing inspired from India.

Perfect Ending to A Perfect Evening

Later in they evening Natasha, a former member of my dance company "1001 Dreams " danced for the first time in over four years. I really put her on the spot but could see how much her body was yearning to move after our sacred dance workshop.I just I knew the time was right for her to take the stage again. She took our breath away. All her years of hard work came back to her and you would never know that it was total unprepared improvisational dance. As I watched her and the rest of the ladies sitting on the stage area odalisque style surrounding her, put me in a state of extreme gratitude. I mentally recored the precious last few minutes of the evening so they would last and live inside me forever.

Lastly the women of the Red Tent are welcoming so please come and enjoy a supportive environment where you appreciate your own beauty as well as the light in others.

If you are interested in attending a Goddess Night with while we have our special "Red Tents" just check it out .They are very low cost to make sure everyone can attend or email Najia at

"I loved how you talked about your dance research in Egypt and how you showed that dance is so deeply connected to the human experience. I like how your teaching is not all about technique, but emphasizes the roots and soul of this dance and its powerful healing properties. Thank you for a great night!"

take care,


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